Intermodal trucking for transportation of goods is becoming popular in the recent days, and the reason behind this popularity is it benefits. Intermodal trucking entails the use of different forms of transportation to transport goods. This service is a combination of the different form of transportation which might include planes, trains, trucks, and ships. This form of transportation is made possible by use of standardized containers which were approved by the international organization for standardization. The containers are suitable for goods transportations, and they can fit easily into any form of transportation thus intermodal companies have adopted their use.


In most cases, many intermodal companies at prefer the combination of rail and road transport as it proves to have numerous advantages. The company gains a lot by combining the benefits of both rail transportation and road transportation. The use of rail has the advantage of both capacity and fuel consumption, and it is possible to transport several containers in one train with less energy. When it comes to fuel consumption, rail transport is more efficient than road transport because several trucks would use lots of energy than a single train. It is also environmentally friendly to use rail transportation.


On the other hand, we cannot demonize the use of trucks on the road because they are helpful in transporting goods to specific destinations which cannot be accessed by rail. Remember that warehouses and factories where the cargo must reach are not connected with the rail, and it is only by the road that the good can arrive at such destination. It is therefore important to combine both rail transportation and road transportation to get maximum benefits.


Choosing the right intermodal freight company can be quite challenging if you do not have any particular one in mind and here are some of the factors that you must check before you hire a company.


Customer support services - Ensure that the intermodal freight company that you choose has an operational customer support service. Usually, there is a lot of value in cargo being transported, and you need a company that can give you an assurance of safe and timely transportation. Get to know more details of the company which may include its capacity and how it handles various customers. Get to know if they discriminate customers depending on the size of goods that the client is transporting. Get a company that suits your needs and does not discriminate clients in service provision with regards to the quantity of cargo in transport.


Effective communication - Enter into a contract with the company and make sure that it is written and binding. Ensure that you understand the details of the agreement and pay particular attention to costs so that you understand everything. The company should be clear on how they do their communication regarding the progress of transportation and delivery of goods. Communication should make sure that the process is transparent and you are updated on the progress of activities.



Experience - An experienced intermodal freight company at has been in operation for quite a considerable period and has created beneficial business relationships with other players in the industry. Such a company has networks which it can exploit to give better services to clients.